Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Baby, Toddler Sign Language

My wife taught my 2 year old daughter sign language. What was initially a novelty in my mind has become the most useful tool we have for bonding with our daughter, remaining patient with parenting and ensuring our daughter is content. When my daughter is hungry she doesn't have to cry or fuss. Rather she can tell me she is hungry, and can even request a particular snack or meal. She can request toys and songs by name and can ask to see relatives or friends by name.  My daughter is better able to inquire and learn about her environment because of signing.

My wife and I began by watching signing time videos and looking up signs for common objects and activities.  We later began allowing our daughter to watch a signing time video every few days. We haven't otherwise allowed her to see television or videos and so she was particularly interested in seeing the videos.  We began using sign along with spoken language whenever possible.

Signing time videos are available from most libraries and online.